Supply Chain Operator

Xiamen C&D Inc. Stock code: 600153.SH

Supply Chain Operator

Stock code: 600153.SH

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Xiamen C&D Inc. (stock code: 600153.SH), a core member of Xiamen C&D Corp., Ltd., a Fortune Global 500, is a modern service-oriented enterprise that operates in both supply chain operations and real estate development. Its businesses starting in 1980, the company was established exclusively by Xiamen C&D Corp., Ltd. and listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in June 1998.
Since listed, the company has developed rapidly over consecutive years, with its operating revenue, net profit, net assets and other key economic indicators growing at annual average rate of almost 30% . In 2022 it realized operating revenue of 832.81 billion CNY and after-tax net profit of 11.27 billion CNY. As of the end of 2022, its total assets were 664.75 billion CNY and net asset was 165.34 billion CNY.

1998- 2022

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Business Field

With the mission of "To exploit new value for more people to live a superior life" and the enterprise core values of "Positive aggressiveness Harmonious development", C&D Inc. provides customers with supply chain operations services and comprehensive real estate services.

C&D Inc. is committed to adding value to supply chain services, pursuing resource sharing and win-win cooperation. C&D Inc. actively responds to the national “dual circulation” strategy, continues to deepen the “specialization” and “go global” development strategies, and forms advantages in business fields such as steel & iron, pulp & paper, automobile, agricultural products, consumer goods, minerals, energy & chemical, and emerging business. As a supply chain operator, C&D Inc. provides customers with “LIFT” supply chain services based on the four elements of “logistics”, "information", "finance" and "trading", integrating the resources needed for customers in the operation process, planning supply chain solutions, and providing professional, one-stop operation services. By going deep into the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, C&D Inc. mines the value of professional supply chain services.

C&D Inc. continues to explore domestic and international markets, build a global supply chain service system, and help establish an efficient and smooth international circulation system in China. C&D Inc. actively integrates into the national united market, continues to deepen the East and South China regional market, actively expands the central and western regions, and has successively established 14 platform companies in core cities across the country. Meanwhile, C&D Inc. seizes the development opportunities of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), accelerates its international layout, and has established more than 30 overseas companies and offices in RCEP member countries and countries along the “Belt and Road” such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and Brazil. C&D Inc. currently possesses over 300 employees stationed abroad and foreign employees, and has established business contacts with 170 countries and regions, achieving an annual international trading volume of more than 40.4 billion US dollars.

  • Steel & Iron Group
  • Pulp & Paper Group
  • Automobile Group
  • Agricultural Products Group
  • Consumer Goods Group
  • Minerals Group
  • Energy & Chemical Group
  • Mechanical & Electronic Division
  • Emerging business division

The Company has been rated as "AAA level credit standing enterprise" and ranked among Fortune China 500 Listed Companies (11th in 2023) , China's Top 500 Foreign Trade Enterprises, Forbes Global 2000 over consecutive years; it has been elected into MSCI index system constituent stocks, FTSE Global Equity Index Series constituent stocks, S&P Emerging BMI constituent stocks, Constituent Stock of CSI Smallcap 500 Index, SSE Corporate Governance Index sample stocks, and Constituent Stock of CNI High Dividend Yield 100 Index, and has been selected into the first list of national model enterprises for supply chain innovation and application.

C&D Inc. adheres to value-added service concept as the guidance of business model innovation, and is committed to the development of innovation-driven strategy, strives to become the world's leading supply chain operator in the field of supply chain operations, and an excellent real estate operator in China in the field of real estate development. The company has always been committed to becoming an outstanding enterprise with employees' love, shareholders' trust, customers' satisfaction and social respect.

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